End Heel Pain Fast with ESWT: Advantages of ESWT for Heel Pain

Your days of agonizing heel pain may be over! New, revolutionary treatment for heel pain is here and offered exclusively by California Foot & Ankle Institute in Irvine, CA

Advantages of Extra-Corporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) for Heel Pain

There is a heel pain crisis in the United States, similar to the crisis we saw early last decade relating to unresolved back pain.

Garey Weber, D.P.M California Foot & Ankle Institute, Irvine, CA

Millions of Americans are believed to suffer from intractable, chronic heel pain which is unresolved by current methods of treatment. According to Weber, like the treatment of back pain, the technology available to address heel pain has not progressed from traditional, invasive, decades-old techniques. Now, this new treatment approved by the FDA could revolutionize the treatment and resolution of heel pain.

  • No hospitalization
  • Immediate return to walking
  • Usually requires only one treatment with ESWT device
  • No incisions
  • Immediate return to work

Developed and utilized extensively in Europe, the ESWT device uses the same technology that is now commonly used to treat kidney stones. The device, used in an outpatient surgical center setting, emits sound waves into the affected area of the foot. For the patient’s comfort, the procedure is done with monitored light sedation and a local anesthetic. Of particular note for the patient, there are no incisions! Studies suggest that these sound waves create microscopic, cellular reactions to promote healing and elimination of the painful heel condition.

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After the procedure, most patients participating in studies have shown virtually no complications. Because this is done on an outpatient basis, recovery time is shortened. Most people can return to their daily activities more quickly. Typically only one treatment session is required.

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

As a retired physician I decided to have my bunions and hammer toes corrected. After careful consideration, especially being a physician, I chose the California Foot and Ankle Institute (CAFAI).

My experience at CAFAI can only be expressed as excellent and I exhibited literally no pain or distress from any of the procedures performed. The exceptional staff and postoperative care was superb. Naturally I felt I had chosen the proper physicians in taking care of my foot problems that plagued me the past 35 years.

I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Dr. G, Patient *

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Your Ticket to Fast Relief From Agonizing Heel Pain

Whether plantar fasciitis, compressed nerves, or inflammation causes your heel pain, we have a treatment option to eliminate the agony you live with each day.

Custom Orthotics.

This is perhaps the easiest form of treatment. Custom orthotics for Orange County women and men may not seem like the most fashionable way to treat heel pain, but they have come a long ways since the big clunky shoes of the past. Now, you can support your feet and treat your heel pain with the right footwear instead of continuing to do serious damage to your heel in unsupportive shoes.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT).

This treatment, also known as EPAT treatment, can sometimes speed the healing process of the damaged tissues in your heel. By using acoustic pressure waves to improve blood circulation, this treatment accelerates the heeling process. It is a breakthrough treatment that has helped many Orange County and Los Angeles County people with their heel pain.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Replacement Therapy

PRP Replacement therapy uses your own blood to speed the recovery time and get you back on your feet faster. PRP replacement therapy works by spinning your blood at a very high speed. This allows us to isolate the platelets. Then, we inject the platelets into the area where you’re experiencing heel pain to make it heal faster. This is done in our office so there is little downtime. Often it’s used in conjunction with other treatments and therapies giving you the best results.

Nerve Decompression.

If the nerves in your feet are compressed, you may experience unusual heel pain, numbness, tingling, or sensitivity to light touch. Heel pain caused by compressed nerves is common in people who are overweight or have diabetes. With a nerve decompression treatment—a minimally invasive treatment—your doctor will release the tissue strangulating the nerves. Often this allows blood to begin flowing to the nerve beyond the areas where it was constricted giving you fast relief.

Our wide array of services (many of which are not offered by other southern California podiatrists) relieves your heel pain with the most innovative solutions available.

We have seen results in as few as four weekly treatments. In some cases, the affected nails might be filed down first to provide the laser a full opportunity to penetrate beneath and into the fungus. We will determine through a culture analysis whether the fungus has been fully eradicated.

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Our doctors share the same common belief that the best treatment alternative for a patient is the least invasive which offers the quickest recovery time.

We have the only in office Curve Beam pedCAT imaging machine in Orange County. The latest and best in Imaging Technology provides a 3D view of bones and joints and allows for greater accuracy and more predictable diagnosis.

Our four podiatrists have a combined experience of over 140 years. We have continually been at the forefront of research and innovation in the practice of foot and ankle medicine.

No matter how stubborn or long-lasting your heel pain has been, we’d love to help you. Contact the doctors at California Foot and Ankle Institute today:

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I was referred to Dr. Fauria by another podiatrist who informed me that my condition was "above his pay grade." He gave me several referrals but, when asked who he would go to if it was his foot, he said "Quinn.".

Cary S. Sherman Oaks, CA *

The surgery was a success and Dr. Furia is the BEST! I am so thankful to him and his staff for getting me back on my feet. I highly recommend Dr. Fauria and Dr. Pettinelli.

Maria L. Canoga Park, Los Angeles, CA *

Dr. Fauria did surgery on my right foot 6 weeks ago to remove a bunion and plantar fibroma. His work is impeccable. My right foot looks almost exactly like my left foot. He is a perfectionist with his work and I'm grateful the surgery went so well.

Sonia C. North Hollywood, CA *

Dr. Fauria is by far the BEST podiatrist I have ever been to. His wonderful staff and himself deserve way more than a 5 star rating. I have been looking for an honest dr for the past year and have seen more than 5 different podiatrist; From Beverly Hills to UCLA Santa Monica and I am soo happy that I have found this Dr right here in Studio City.

Rita N. Los Angeles, CA *
* Each individual’s treatment and results will vary based on the circumstances, the patients’ specific situation, and goals.

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